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How We Charge

Many lawyers do not like to talk about fees. They either do not want to scare a client away or it makes the lawyer feel uncomfortable. Sometimes clients are afraid to bring up fees. We believe it is best to talk about fees up front. If you cannot afford our services, then it is best that we both know that at the beginning, not at the end. Some work we do under our hourly rates. Some work we do for a fixed fee. Some work we do on a contingent fee basis. Some work we do under a combination of these fee arrangements. Sometimes we discount our fees based on circumstances.


Our lawyers' hourly rates range from $175 to $350.00. You will find lawyers who charge more. You will find lawyers who charge less. Our rates are comparable to other lawyers in the San Antonio metro area with our experience and areas of practice. We make extensive use of technology (at least some of us do, but we try) so we can do our work efficiently. Because of our years of experience we often can do the work in less time than lawyers who have less experience in the type of work than we do. We do not like to waste our time or our clients' time and money. It leads to unhappy clients and we do not want unhappy clients.


Our hourly rates are subject to change and we may not have updated them on our website. We can discuss fees when we meet.